About - Hattie Boo Designs

Welcome to Hattie Boo Designs The only woman that gets more excited about your wedding stationery than you do!

Every since I was little I loved all things paper, pen and print! Collecting notebooks, cards and paper products wherever I went.

Pretty packaging, lined envelopes, labels, stamps and wax seals have always my weakness. With the digital age, this meant that I could create and print on a much bigger scale and I am truly living a life that I love.

For me an invitation is so much more than the time and place, or the when and where’s! It’s the very first glimpse of the amazing wedding that you have spent months planning. Whether you have decided upon an extravagant and lavish affair or for an informal intimate gathering, my stationery can compliment the mood and style of your day.

After a decade of teaching English and Performing Arts I left to be a full time mum. The creative urge proved too much and I soon started a course in dip pen calligraphy which, in turn, led to the request for a table plan for a friend’s wedding.

That was my light bulb moment and I have loved this creative process ever since.

So, Hattie Boo Designs began life on my kitchen table, progressed to a tiny office and then grew into the paper and ribbon emporium that is my Studio today in Cheshire. The slogan on my van best sums up my business,

"To do great work you have to love what you do!"

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