Why does the Menopause contain the word MEN!!! Now I'm no feminist! I'm more than happy to have drinks and meals bought fot me - hell yeah! I'm old fashioned and would love doors to be held open for me.

What I'm really talking about is what the menopause means for us!  I mean - am I menopausal? or pre or post? I haven't got a clue! 

What I do know is that I feel totally knackered most of the time! Given the option of venturing outdoors or cleaning my house I would rather escape and read my kindle! I don't particularly want to kill any one - although I probably could with road rage or rudeness.

What I do want is to be the sparkly self that I used to be! The sunglass wearing style conscious bitch that drove a clean car and had sass!  Where has my Sass gone?  Really - please tell me as in this covid world wearing a face mask means that you can slip out to the co-op for a bottle of Gavi without brushing your teeth, moisturising or changing out of your lounge wear! 

Is it Covid or the menopause that has caused me to become a slob? Whichever it is I really don't like this me!

I want to be the slick, lipstick wearing smart woman that I used to be - not this sour smelling, foul toothed cider woman that I've become!  How do I find my former self?

Will I wake up one day with the urge to wear tights and heals again or am I doomed to only wear joggings, my husbands socks and boots?  Perhaps baby steps are needed... my children are older than some of my knickers so perhaps I should start there - anything grey that shouldn't be will be binned!

I need to dig deep to rediscover my inner Cheshire Housewife!  New knickers and a matching bra could be the start - small steps until I reach the other side! Perfect teeth and makeup can wait!