Ok... So yes I tend to look at life through a pair of very rose tinted glasses but I do remembering loving my primary school!  Well, almost all of the time as I also loved to be off school too - I used to fake illness just so that I could go to my Nana and Grandad's for the day, or a couple of days, or if I got to Wednesday it usually meant that I'd be off for the entire week! But that's probably one for a future blog post of how I spent my childhood days when kids TV was limited!

Hopefully you will have some very similar memories and reading this may remind you of them!  So!  Here goes with my ten favourite memories of primary school education, reminding us about how very different it is today!  

1. You got to wear your own clothes!  No school uniform! I don't think it was even invented then!  My mum made some of my clothes, the rest were cast offs from my brother (this probably encouraged those older girls to call me Eric as I confess I did resemble a boy!)  The rest of my clothes were from the usual high street shops, wide collars and even wider flares - primarily Ethel Austins!  Does any one else have traumatic memories of those skinny polo neck tops that were ridiculously hard to pull over your head?  Just me then... I think I had one in every colour!  I actually secretly liked them as you could pull them off so far and then pretend they were long hair and plait the sleeves...Well you get the picture!  (It's that wig thing again!)

2. We walked to school!  No car drop off for us!  This was before way it was considered environmentally friendly, it was because families typically had one car and the dad used it for work!  The other great thing about this was the Lollypop lady!  Every day there she was to see gangs of kids safely across the road!  You could ride a bike as long as you had done your cycling proficiency test - remember that? Riding around cones a couple of times a week on the playground, comparing bikes, preferably on a Chopper rather than a Shopper bike! We had baskets, a thing on the back for 'a seater' and those clippy things we attached to our spokes...I'm sure they came free in cereal packets or we pinched clothes pegs from the washing basket!

3. School dinners!  God how I loved school dinners!  Spam fritters were an absolute joy as were potato scallops!  But for me it's the puddings that I have the most memories of!  Yet again I have to mention the Melting Moment biscuit, served with half an orange (the secret here was to try to stick it up your sleeve to smuggle it out the into playground!)  Who else remember prunes and custard - I couldn't stand how the juice curdled the custard, so used to go up twice so I could eat it separately!  The other firm favourite was 'frog spawn' aka 'semolina' - and that jam!  It was just like doughnut jam - can you still buy that ruby red jus? ( I'm slipping into a Nigella moment!)

4. Part of the reason we wanted to eat our lunch so quickly and smuggle pudding out to the playground was to get a quick game of British Bulldogs in, on the field, before the Dinner ladies came out to stop us!  There were also some climbing bars that were seriously out of bounds (due to the concrete under them), but this didn't stop us throwing ourselves around them before the dreaded dinner ladies appeared to blow a whistle!

5. Talking of fresh air and exercise brings me nicely on to the topic of PE lessons!  We didn't need a fancy kit in the 70's!  We just did PE lessons in our Vest and knickers! God help you if you had forgotten to wear a vest, or you pants weren't clean! Anyone else or is this just me?

6. Mine was the generation of school milk!  The crate stood in the corner of the classroom, absorbing the heat of the day until it was time to drink it!  Mmmmm warm milk!  Oh to be the milk monitor - the simplest joy of joys was to be in charge of punching straws into the metal tops of those miniature glass bottles!  

7. Then there was the joy of having a proper desk with a lid!  We had inkwells too but the use of these really was before my time!  Attempting to carve your name in the wood with a compass or avoiding the chewy stuck underneath! Your desk was your haven,  the modern equivalent of a locker, you kept all your important junk in it, including any mojo chews, rhubarb and custards or black jacks that you planned to secretly and silently consume during lessons! Mojos were my favourite as they only cost half a pence each!  Good times!

8. Sweets were the only reason I joined the school's church choir!  I absolutely couldn't sing but was suitably loud!  A perfect opportunity to once again eat sweets in school, until we got caught for leaving the wrappers behind the pews and that was the end of that, until we realised a bag of sherbert or boiled sweets were less dangerous!

9. This brings me nicely on to RE lessons!  Please bear with me with this confession as we were only children and this may sound cruel, but our Vicar was practically blind!  He came across from the vicarage once a week to teach us our religious studies, minus our usual teacher!  Our kind, lovely, but partially sighted vicar attempted to teach us and in return we made spit bombs from blotting paper to flick at him!  What can I say, we were horrid!  These shenanigans went on until we went too far and when our teacher, Mr Grimmett,  returned, the blackboard was peppered with our white splodgy missiles!

10.  Corporal punishment!  This was the era of the cain!  The threat to be sent to the head would stop us in our tracks.  That was usually the final threat, before that teachers would pull ears, yes, younger readers this did happen, throw chalk or the board duster at us!  

So, there are just a few of my primary school memories!  Fingers crossed they made you smile or stimulated a few of your own memories.  If so, I'd love to hear about them.  Was school better then?  It's not for me to say but I certainly wouldn't change a thing!

Love Emma